Top 10 Tips To Keep Convenience Store Customers Happy

By | April 25, 2016

 top 10 tips to keep convenience store customers happy

Top 10 Tips To Keep Convenience Store Customers Happy

Making sure your customers are happy with your business is important. Having unhappy customers can lead to loss of sales. These are 10 tips that will keep convenience store customers happy.


1. Great customers service

The first and most important tip to satisfied customers is great customers service. Bad customer service can easily ruin a business.

A way to make sure your customers are satisfied with your business is to offer a customer feedback survey. This can be used to record what your customers think of your business and how you can improve their experience. This will help build loyal customers.

Make sure your employees are being kind and courteous to your customers as well. If you are noticing bad feedback from them, talk with them and work it out so your business can improve.


2. Stocked shelves

I hate going into a store and finding out the one thing I wanted to buy is sold out!

Keep your shelves stocked with products at all times.  This will increase sales and satisfied customers. Check the shelves periodically throughout the day to make sure everything is stocked and ready to sell.


3. Clean aisles and bathrooms

Having clean isles will keep customers happy and sales up.

Customers like to move and drop items throughout the store. Keep an eye out and fix anything that doesn’t look right.

Quick Tip: Make sure the products are in the right spot so the price tags line up. This will help the customer know the right price and will help avoid any price issue while paying.

Additional tip courtesy of Bill Scott: Keep the bathrooms in your store clean! A lot of businesses don’t give the extra effort of keeping the bathrooms clean and smelling nice. This is a such a small detail that can make a huge difference in your business.

Bill Scott Says, “It makes my day whenever I can find something nice to say about a store, I always tell them about it and usually write about it too.” This shows customers do appreciate the small things and it is free word of mouth advertising too!


4. Fresh food and coffee

Fresh food and coffee are the big seller at convenience stores.

According to, “Foodservice accounted for 33.7% of gross profit dollars in 2015.” This means you should make sure your food service is top notch.

Have a wide selection of coffee choices as well as food. Offer fresh food, such as breakfast sandwiches, hoagies and sandwiches, and sweets.


5. Create a comfortable environment

Creating a comfortable environment is something you don’t see at many convenience stores because everyone is in such a rush.

Use warm colors in the store to make customers feel at home. This will make them feel more comfortable and stay longer, which will increase the potential of them purchasing more.

Include wifi and a comfy seating area as well. Customers can relax in the seating area while they wait for their fresh food.


6. Indoor and outdoor lighting

Have your convenience store well lit and ready for business.

Broken lights ruin the appearance and value of a business. The more well lit your business is, the more professional it looks. For more tips on improving the appearance of your store, read our article “6 Tips To Attract More Customers To Your Gas Station.”

Having the outside of your business well lit will help customers find your business better as well.


7. Discounts and specials

Offer discounts and specials to your customers.

Having daily discounts will increase sales and keep customers happy knowing they are saving money.

These discounts and specials can be displayed in the store and outside the store as well. Window and curb signs are great at displaying these deals.


8. Offer a Loyalty program

A loyalty program is great for generating loyal customers.

Discounts and specials can be for loyalty program customers only. This would encourage customers to sign up for the program so they can get the deals.

Some examples of deals would be:

  • Two for the price of one
  • 5$ off every 50$ spent
  • Free coffee with 25$ or more purchase
  • The morning special: Buy a breakfast sandwich and get a free coffee

These are just a few examples that can be used to improve customer satisfaction.


9. Organized parking lot

An organized and safe parking lot will keep customers happy.

I hate trying to park and worrying about someone hitting me. Have the lines in the parking visible and bright.

Having arrows pointing the flow of traffic helps a lot as well. I see this at Wawa and it helps keep the customer flow organized.

When the customer knows they can safely shop at your convenience store, they will be happy and will most likely return.


10. Offer air machines

Customers will appreciate the free air when they come to your business. The air machine can also increase customers in the convenience store as well.

Offer free tokens inside at the cash register to draw customers in.  Have lots of food and products available at the cash register to get them to buy on impulse. Signs can be displayed near the front to show deals that might be of interest to the customer.


Hopefully these 10 tips help you keep your convenience store customers happy! Please comment and share if these tips were helpful to you.


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