Tesla May Soon Redefine Gas Stations

By | July 20, 2016

tesla gas station recharge

Tesla May Soon Redefine Gas Stations

Gas stations are skeptical about adopting the Tesla electric recharge stations due to the high price of installment. This change may be non avoidable in the future due to the need to adapt to change.

Tesla has been talking to major gas stations and convenience store chains that could help expand the charging stations.

Sheetz is thought to be the major chain Tesla has been talking to. Sheetz operated hundreds of stores across six states. It already has 8 recharge stations for electric cars.

By 2040, roughly 1 in 3 new vehicle sales could be electric. This change will take time, but it’s bound to happen.

“We want to sell gas and diesel, but our future is electric vehicles, and trucks are going to be driverless,” said Griffith. “Times are changing, and we need to keep up with that change as well, if we want to be smart and stay ahead of the game.”

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Our Thoughts

Electric vehicle recharge stations may be costly, but there are some ways around that. In the article, Tristen Griffith, the president of the Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza, let a third-party company install a set of EV chargers on her property. She basically payed nothing for it. This is going to be bringing in more business for the 49er Travel Plaza.

Allowing third-party companies to install EV recharge stations at your gas station will help businesses stay up to date and increase customers. Having the recharge station will attract those customers and can also be used in your advertising campaigns. Gas stations can advertise that they have recharge stations, which will attract more business.

Businesses should be conscious of this change, it will most likely come into question in the future.


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