How to Use Signs to Increase Revenue

By | April 22, 2016

how to use signs to increase revenue

How to Use Signs to Increase Revenue

Signs are used in any and every business. If your business is not optimizing the use of signs, than you should start! These are some ways you can use signs to increase revenue.

Generate revenue off other businesses

Invite others to advertise their business at yours. This would increase your revenue without much effort.

Collaborate with local businesses and offer them an advertising space at your gas station.  This could be above the gas pumps, at the cash register, or as a sign outside. Preferably somewhere customers look most.

This could also work vise versa. Advertise at local businesses such as car washes, car detailing and auto body shops, etc. A business that is relevant to yours.

Have local businesses reference yours to their customers. If a customer asks for a local gas station, have them reference you.


Use billboard signs to advertise

Billboard advertising is still relevant and can increase overall business.

Having a billboard that advertises your business and the location is great for attracting customers. If your gas station is in a remote location and hard to find, a billboard is a great way to help customers find your business.

An example of this would be: Your gas station is accessible from the highway, but it is in a smaller populated area. A billboard could be placed along a highway which displays your business, location, and how many more miles the customer has to till they get to your exit.  The sign can also display that you have food and bathrooms. These are common necessities for highway travelers.


Display Discounts and Specials

There is no better way to increase revenue than having discounts and specials.

Wall and window signs are great for displaying these deals. There are also curb, LED, and flag signs available too.

Window signs are great for attracting customers inside.  Once the customer is in the door you can upsell and display more of what you offer.

There are many discounts and specials you can offer. We discussed a few ideas in our article ‘how to increase convenience store sales‘.


Display clever sayings to attract customers

This is a unique way to get the customers attention and it will help them remember your business.

I usually remember when I see a funny sign at a business and I will mostly likely tell someone else about it too.  This trick is good for word of mouth advertising!

Displaying clever sayings at your business can also get you free advertising online.

With all the technology now, someone is bound to take a picture and post on their social media profile. This will get shared around and will be free advertising for you!


A gas station in Seattle got noticed because of their clever signs. They got free advertising on and probably other news/social media websites.

Quick Tip: Add your business address to the sign so if the photo gets shared online, customers will know where the picture is from.


For more on gas station signs, read our article ‘Why Your Gas Station Needs Signs.’

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