How To Increase Convenience Store Sales

By | April 20, 2016

how to increase convenience store sales

How To Increase Convenience Store Sales

Increasing sales can be tough, but thankfully there are some tricks you can use to improve that! These are a few tips I have seen to increase convenience store sales in multiple businesses.


1. Don’t miss out on breakfast sales

Lots of people rely on convenience stores on there way to work. A quick stop for a breakfast sandwich and coffee.

Don’t miss these customers! Improve what you offer for breakfast and make sure the coffee is top notch.

 2. Change item locations

Frequent customers will get used to item locations. By switching the location of items in the store you make the customer look around more and notice more items.

This can cause them to purchase more than they planned.

3. Put the most purchased items in the back of the store

This is a popular tactic food stores use.

Put the most popular items in the back of the convenience store so the customers have to walk past more. Some popular items are milk, bread, and eggs.

This will increase the likelihood of customers purchasing more.

4. Offer discounts and specials

Show customers you appreciate their business by offering discounts and specials.

Run regular promotions, such as buy one get one free.

There are many kinds of discounts and specials that can be done. A popular special I see at Wawa is “buy two for $2.00.” The original price would be around $1.40 for one.

This gets the customer to spend a little extra than they were planning just to get the discount.

Quick Tip: You can offer discounts and specials to loyalty program customers only. This would encourage customers to sign up for the loyalty program to get the discount.

5. Use signs to display offers

Use window signs to attract more customers into the convenience store.

Display current discounts and specials on the signs. Window signs are one of the first thing customers see when they pull up to the store.

An LED “Open” sign can’t hurt either. This would let the customers know you are open for business.

6. Offer free samples

Who doesn’t like free things? I know I do.

Put a window sign up that invites customers in to try free samples. This would get customers in the door and would also open them up to a new product they may buy in the future.

7. Offer an ATM in the store

An ATM will attract customers and will also generate revenue.

An ATM can be a convenience to customers if they need some quick cash. You can charge for the service as well, which will generate revenue.

2 thoughts on “How To Increase Convenience Store Sales

  1. Dawn

    I agree with what is said however some convenience stores are really small in size and have more of a challenge increasing sales because of space. For example, some Mobil gas stations are 900 or less square feet. I am curious what your thoughts and advise would be to increase sales in a tiny little store with hardly any moving room and no storage area to hold all the variety of products carried? remind you, the company will not invest in any storage unit or spend any extra money? How would you increase sales, maintain store image and stocking with labor hours of 180 a week? I am curious how a store would be able to achieve such goals?


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