How Small Convenience Stores Can Increase Sales

By | May 2, 2016

how small convenience stores can increase sales

How Small Convenience Stores Can Increase Sales

Having a small space can be tough if you are trying to improve your business.

We already discussed how convenience stores can increase sales, but this article will be focused on small convenience stores. Smaller businesses have a harder time improving sales and having the space for inventory.

Sell the most popular products

An easy way to increase sales is to offer the most popular products available. Offer what the people want.

CSPDailyNews made a “hot 100“, which has the top retailer-requested products of the year. Use this information to optimize what you sell at your convenience store.

Since a smaller convenience store won’t have much inventory space, try offering more of the smaller products. More candies, drinks, and impulse purchase products towards the cash register can help boost sales.

Offer a feedback survey

A feedback survey is great for finding out what your customers think of your business and what they want. Offer an incentive to get them to fill out and return the feedback survey.

Our recent article, “How To Increase Convenience Store Sales,” can be helpful as well. The tips and information in that article can be implemented into a smaller convenience store.


Where to find storage area?

Having a small space can lead to lack of storage area. A small convenience store can find it troubling to increase the products they offer if they don’t have space available and or don’t want to spend extra money for storage. These are a few places you can use for storage.

Store inventory at home or a remote place

If there is no space in the store for more storage, than you can try storing products at your home. Your home could be used as a second storage area. This would be beneficial if your home is close to your convenience store.

The products could be stored in a garage, shed, or anywhere suitable.

Store products under or above shelves

If your convenience store has area under or above shelves, than you can store extra products there.

A little tweaking of the shelves below can allow for more space where you can store products. This can allow for just enough space for products that sell quickly. This will help keep the top selling products in stock and will increase sales.

Spend a little money on storage

If there are no other free options for storage, than investing in storage wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I wouldn’t recommend a storage unit, but it is an option. They can get costly, which can cut into profits. Since the convenience store is small and probably doesn’t make as much revenue as a larger store, this may not be the best option.

A better option would be purchasing a small shed to put on your home property. A small shed goes for around 500-1,000$. This shed would last a long time, which would make it a good investment.


Maintain a clean store

Focus on keeping the store clean.

Since the store is small, it wouldn’t take much effort to keep the place clean. This will increase customer satisfaction, which can increase sales.

A spill kit can come in handy if there is an oil spill or leak. It’s always good to be prepared if an accident occurs.


Optimize signs

Signs can still be very beneficial for smaller stores. Places to put signs could be the window, curb, or a flag.

Window signs are great for displaying what is offered in the convenience store. Use these types of signs to get customers in the door.

Curb signs can display what’s in the convenience store and gas prices. If you have lower gas prices than competing gas stations, display it!

Quick tip: Diesel curb signs are very popular and attract more customers than regular gas signs. This could be because not every gas station offers diesel. If your small gas station offers diesel, make sure to display it!

Flag signs can be placed outside the convenience store and or near the curb. Flag signs will get the attention of customers and attract more business.


Hopefully this article helps owners of small convenience stores. If you have any questions or comments please comment them below. Make sure to sign up below to get weekly tips on how to improve your business!

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