How Gas Stations Can Increase Sales By Doing Maintenance

By | May 20, 2016


How Gas Stations Can Increase Sales By Doing Maintenance

Keeping your business well maintained is very important if you want satisfied customers and sales to increase. These are a few ways gas stations can increase sales by doing maintenance!


Maintain decals and stickers on the pumps

The area around the pump tends to get dirty more easily than any other place. This could be because of the difference in foot traffic.

Decals and stickers around the pump tend to get worn out and difficult to read. This could result in a customer pumping the wrong type of gas into their vehicle. This would cause all kinds of problems. An easy way to avoid this is to replace your decals when they start wearing out.


Avoid light outages

I see stores with light outages too often. Make sure you don’t join them.

Check your lights every week or so to make sure everything is top notch. Light outages decrease the value of your company, especially when it’s on your logo sign.

For example: Make sure your sign is completely readable, such as “CITGO,” and not “C  GO.”


Replace fuel filters

Replacing fuel filters are very important if you want to increase sales and satisfied customers. An old fuel filter could slow the speed of pumping, which could irritate customers. Customers usually don’t have the patience and expect their gas to pump quick.

Fuel filters should be replaced every 6 months or 500,000 gallons. This is according to

Pick up some new fuel filters at They have the best priced filters compared to everyone else.


Maintain a clean environment

Accidents tend to happen, it’s nothing you can avoid.

Maintain a clean environment around the store and at the pumps. Spills at the pump are going to happen, so it’s best to have a spill kit on hand. A spill can be very dangerous if not cleaned up immediately! Spill kits will get the area cleaned up quick so you don’t have to stop the flow of customers and sales.

Maintain a clean convenience store

A clean and maintained convenience store is just as important.

Check the aisles and shelves periodically to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. This will increase customer satisfaction and will also make your store look larger.

Make sure the bathrooms are clean as well. Many places don’t maintain a clean and sanitary bathroom. A clean bathroom will increase customer satisfaction by a lot!


Hope these tips help your business increase it’s sales and customer satisfaction. Make sure to sign up below to get more tips on improving your business. It’s free!

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