How Gas Stations Can Boost Business By Using Apps!

By | June 3, 2016

how gas stations can boost business with apps

How Gas Stations Can Boost Business By Using Apps!

Gas stations and convenience stores should take advantage of the new technology available to them. There are many websites and apps available now to help boost business.

What apps are available for gas stations?

GasBuddy – The most popular of the gas station apps. Gas Buddy will notify members what the gas prices are in their area. This allows for customers to find the lowest gas prices near them at any given time. You can submit your station on there website.

Gas Guru – There doesn’t seem to be a website for Gas Guru, but there is an app. Gas Guru lets drivers find the cheapest gas in the area. You can search by different fuel types such as regular, mid-grade, premium, and diesel.

It also gives you the location, directions, and phone number of the gas station.

Waze – Waze is a little bit different compared to the other gas station apps. Waze is more targeted towards helping people navigate traffic and get to places in the most optimal way. They also help people save on gas. The Waze community reports lowest gas prices so others can save as well.

Waze also offers “Waze-only deals.” This would benefit your business by boosting customers and sales.

Fuelzee – Fuelzee is one of the more important apps to implement if you are looking to boost business. It does what all the other apps do and more!

Fuelzee lets you have a custom branded app for your business. This would allow you to implement a loyalty program and attract more customers with notifications on their phones. This would get more customers in your store.


Use Apps To Increase Customers And Sales

There are many gas station apps available for your business.

Apps will help attract more customers to your business. The app Fuelzee can attract customers by giving customers a notification on their phone when they get close to your business. The notification could be a sale, discount, low gas price, etc.

Fuelzee also lets you have your own branded app for your business. This would allow you to customize it how you choose and let you offer what you wish to your customers. Some features available are a loyalty program, clubs, sweepstakes and contests, and behavior targeting.


The other apps listed are also great for attracting customers, but Fuelzee offers more.



Overall, update your business accordingly so you are always on top of the competition. Implement apps into your gas station if you are not already. It will greatly increase customers and sales.


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