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Tesla May Soon Redefine Gas Stations

tesla gas station recharge

Tesla May Soon Redefine Gas Stations

Gas stations are skeptical about adopting the Tesla electric recharge stations due to the high price of installment. This change may be non avoidable in the future due to the need to adapt to change.

Tesla has been talking to major gas stations and convenience store chains that could help expand the charging stations.

Sheetz is thought to be the major chain Tesla has been talking to. Sheetz operated hundreds of stores across six states. It already has 8 recharge stations for electric cars.

By 2040, roughly 1 in 3 new vehicle sales could be electric. This change will take time, but it’s bound to happen.

“We want to sell gas and diesel, but our future is electric vehicles, and trucks are going to be driverless,” said Griffith. “Times are changing, and we need to keep up with that change as well, if we want to be smart and stay ahead of the game.”

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Our Thoughts

Electric vehicle recharge stations may be costly, but there are some ways around that. In the article, Tristen Griffith, the president of the Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza, let a third-party company install a set of EV chargers on her property. She basically payed nothing for it. This is going to be bringing in more business for the 49er Travel Plaza.

Allowing third-party companies to install EV recharge stations at your gas station will help businesses stay up to date and increase customers. Having the recharge station will attract those customers and can also be used in your advertising campaigns. Gas stations can advertise that they have recharge stations, which will attract more business.

Businesses should be conscious of this change, it will most likely come into question in the future.


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How Convenience Store Sales Get A Summer Boost


How Convenience Store Sales Get A Summer Boost

Convenience store sales get a boost in the summer and CSNews gives the details.

According to NACS, the Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, cold beverages and ice are hot sellers during the summer.

Store sales from June through August are 4.5-percent higher than the rest of the year, according to NACS. And sales of packaged beverages — soda, water, juices, teas and sports and energy drinks — are 18-percent higher during the hot summer months.

According to Nielsen data, convenience stores account for more than 42 percent of all packaged drink sales in the country. gives some additional reasons why summer is a profitable time for convenience stores.

  • Convenience stores sell the majority of beer purchased in the country (59 percent), and beer sales at convenience stores increase 9 percent over the summer months.
  • C-stores sell $8.8 billion in fountain beverages and another $1.2 billion in frozen dispensed beverages on an annual basis.

Read more on their website…


Our Thoughts

Summer time is an opportunity for convenience stores to increase sales, no doubt about it.

The weather is hot, students are out of school, and more free time for customers to spend money. Convenience store owners should be optimizing this time to increase their sales and customers.

Increasing the cold drink selection will definitely help sales. Don’t forget the ice as well.


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Gas Station Owner Charges 50$ To Stay Overnight

Gas Station Owner Charges 50$ To Stay Overnight

Sanborn and market gas offers something more than just gas. The video above explains how it’s just a regular store by day, and an Airbnb rental by night.

Sanborn and market gas is trying out a new idea to generate some additional revenue. They are putting a listing on Airbnb for people to stay overnight. The nightly fee has food and drinks included. This seems like a dream come true.

Check in is at 10:00 p.m. and check out is at 5:00 a.m.

News from KSBW Action News 8.


Our Thoughts

This seems like a new and unique way of generating some extra revenue. I’m not sure if you will profit or not, but it’s something worth trying.

This idea could be taken an extra step farther but adding an extra room with a bed and television. Something more luxurious could attract more customers.

This could be a dream come true for someone that has ever thought of staying the night in a store full of food, I know I have…


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Kroger Convenience Store Brands Are Offering A Big Giveaway Promotion

Kroger convenience store brand summer promotion

Kroger Convenience Store Brands Are Offering A Big Giveaway Promotion

The Kroger Convenience Store family may be offering the biggest loyalty promotion yet.  This news article is courtesy of

The Kroger family brands, including Kwik Shop, Loaf ‘N Jug, Tom Thumb and Turkey Hill are teaming up for “It’s Your Great American Summer” promotion. It will be the largest promotion since the brands joined last year.

This promotion will be starting on June 16th. Customers will be automatically entered into the contest when they purchase something from any of the joined stores. Some brands include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestlé, General Mills, Red Bull and more. Prizes include free gas for a year, vacation packages, GoPro cameras and $100,000 in other prizes.

Exclusions apply to tobacco, alcohol (valid in Florida only), prepaid cell phone cards, milk and lottery tickets.

The promotion runs till August 10th.


Our Opinions

This is a huge loyalty promotion and there is lots to learn from it. Independent convenience store owners can learn from this promotion by implementing the same tactics into their business.

Of course you won’t be offering thousands of dollars away like Kroger, but an incentive to the customer will definitely improve sales. If you are not utilizing a loyalty program already, get to it!

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A Major Tip For Attracting Vacation Travelers

a major tip for attracting vacation travelers

A Major Tip For Attracting Vacation Travelers wrote an article stating that vacation travelers will stop for c-store bathrooms more than anything else. These results are from nationwide consumer survey conducted by NACS, the Association for Convenience & Fueling Retailing. Read the full article on



Nearly 72 percent say they stop to use the bathrooms, compared to 68 percent who stop for gas and 66 percent who stop to purchase food and or drinks. Women are also more likely to stop for the bathrooms. Women are 77 percent likely, while men are only 66 percent.


A majority of the survey said they would prefer to stop at a c-store that has clean bathrooms.

According to the survey, 29 percent said that they will be taking more vacation trips this summer, and 86 percent of those travelers plan to travel by car.


Our opinions

Gas station and convenience store owners should read this article and take it into account that they could increase their customers this summer by keeping the bathrooms clean.

Businesses owners can optimize the bathroom traffic by putting posters and signs on the walls to get those travelers to purchase from the store. This would be a way to take advantage of that extra foot traffic.

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Lawrence Gas Station Owner Uses New Technology To Get Customers In The Store

Lawrence Gas Station Owner Uses New Technology To Get Customers In The Store

A Lawrence gas station owner tried something new to get customers to come into the store.

Since most customers just fuel up and don’t enter the store for more, he plans to change that. The TV screen at the pump allows customers to order food and pick it up when they are done pumping fuel. This is a new and innovative way to get customers in the food.

Zaremba plans to expand his technology and offer more than just sandwiches in the future. He plans to sell things such as other food, t-shirts, and auto service.

He also patented the app and plans to sell it to his competitors in the future.

The original news article is from

How Gas Stations Can Boost Business By Using Apps!

how gas stations can boost business with apps

How Gas Stations Can Boost Business By Using Apps!

Gas stations and convenience stores should take advantage of the new technology available to them. There are many websites and apps available now to help boost business.

What apps are available for gas stations?

GasBuddy – The most popular of the gas station apps. Gas Buddy will notify members what the gas prices are in their area. This allows for customers to find the lowest gas prices near them at any given time. You can submit your station on there website.

Gas Guru – There doesn’t seem to be a website for Gas Guru, but there is an app. Gas Guru lets drivers find the cheapest gas in the area. You can search by different fuel types such as regular, mid-grade, premium, and diesel.

It also gives you the location, directions, and phone number of the gas station.

Waze – Waze is a little bit different compared to the other gas station apps. Waze is more targeted towards helping people navigate traffic and get to places in the most optimal way. They also help people save on gas. The Waze community reports lowest gas prices so others can save as well.

Waze also offers “Waze-only deals.” This would benefit your business by boosting customers and sales.

Fuelzee – Fuelzee is one of the more important apps to implement if you are looking to boost business. It does what all the other apps do and more!

Fuelzee lets you have a custom branded app for your business. This would allow you to implement a loyalty program and attract more customers with notifications on their phones. This would get more customers in your store.


Use Apps To Increase Customers And Sales

There are many gas station apps available for your business.

Apps will help attract more customers to your business. The app Fuelzee can attract customers by giving customers a notification on their phone when they get close to your business. The notification could be a sale, discount, low gas price, etc.

Fuelzee also lets you have your own branded app for your business. This would allow you to customize it how you choose and let you offer what you wish to your customers. Some features available are a loyalty program, clubs, sweepstakes and contests, and behavior targeting.


The other apps listed are also great for attracting customers, but Fuelzee offers more.



Overall, update your business accordingly so you are always on top of the competition. Implement apps into your gas station if you are not already. It will greatly increase customers and sales.


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5 Ways To Increase Sales At The Pump

5 ways to increase sales at the pump

5 Ways To Increase Sales At The Pump

The gas pump gets a majority of the customer traffic. This can be used to increase sales and not just fuel. These are 5 ways to increase sales at the pump.


1. Keep the pumps maintained

Maintain the pumps and the surrounding area.

The pumps are likely to get dirty, so it’s best to keep them clean. Spills are also bound to happen.

It’s recommended to have a spill kit handy for when spills happen.


Hiring a cleaning crew once a month or so is also an option. This will save you the hassle of cleaning the area yourself and will give you more time to focus on more important things.

The cleaning crew should power wash the pump area, sidewalks, and parking lots. This will keep your business location clean and sanitary. Customers will appreciate the clean environment.


2. Maintain the decals and stickers

Decals and stickers will get worn out due to customers and weather.

If the decals are not readable, there could be problems. A customer could pump the wrong fuel if they can’t read the decals. This could result in a loss of a customer and a bad review. Those are two things you don’t want for your business.

Maintained decals and stickers will result in good customer satisfaction and can also lead to more sales in the future.

Decals can be purchased on They are cheap and if it’s your first purchase it’s free shipping.


3. Advertise at the pump

There is usually space at the pump for advertisement. This space can be used to advertise deals in your store or for another company.

There is lots of traffic at the pumps, which can be used to get customers in the store where the real profits are made. Put discounts, specials, and coupons there to entice customers to come in the store.

Advertising space at the pumps can also be rented out by other businesses. You can charge monthly for other businesses to advertise at your business.


4. Distract the customer

I see more and more gas stations putting TV screens at the top of the pump. This is a good way to distract customers while they are fueling.

If a customer is distracted they may pump more fuel than planned. This would mean more sales for your business.

You can also advertise your products on the TV. This could include discounts to get customers in the store. A TV advertisement is more likely to get the customers attention than a standard sign.

Two gas station TV services are:


5. Offer a discount for cash

Offer a discount for customers who pay with cash. This would get more customers in the door.

Offer lots of impulse purchase products near the cash register.  Customers may purchase more when they come in the store to pay cash to fill up.


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5 Tips To Keep Sales Up During A Slow Season

5 tips to keep sales up during a slow season

5 Tips To Keep Sales Up During A Slow Season

Keep sales up during a slow season can be tough, but there are a few resources you can focus on. These are 5 tips to keep sales up during a slow season.


Focus on discounts and coupons

Slower season can be rough on sales, because of the lack of customers.

Increasing the discounts and coupons you offer can entice more customers to come to your store.

Offer deals they can’t resist, then you can upsell once you have them in the store.


Increase the advertising budget

You should be advertising your business all year round, but increasing it during a slow season can bring back sales.

Increasing the advertising budget will allow you to get your business in front of more eyes. This means your business will be able to be displayed in front of more people.

This would increase the chances of customers coming to your store.

For some ideas on marketing see our article 30 Marketing Tips To Improve Your Business.


Stand out from the competition

A good way to improve a slow month is to stand out from your competitors.

Customers will be more likely to visit your store because you offer something your competitors don’t. This is sure to keep up sales during a slow month.

How to stand out

Do your research.

Go into surrounding stores/e-stores and do your research. See what they are offering and what customers are saying about them.

Use this research to get the upper hand on the competition.


Use the downtime to plan for the busy season

An upside to a slow season is that you will have more time to prepare for the busy season.

Use this time to plan and get ready for when business is busy. There will be a lack of time when business is busy, so it’s better to get it done while you can.


Team up and network

Team up and network with local businesses and communities.

Getting referrals from local businesses can help keep customers and sales up.

Networking is very important as well. In our 30 marketing ideas article we mentioned networking with schools and sport teams.

Invite schools and sport teams to come and hold events at your business. This will drive customers onto your business location without any effort from you.


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How Gas Stations Can Increase Sales By Doing Maintenance


How Gas Stations Can Increase Sales By Doing Maintenance

Keeping your business well maintained is very important if you want satisfied customers and sales to increase. These are a few ways gas stations can increase sales by doing maintenance!


Maintain decals and stickers on the pumps

The area around the pump tends to get dirty more easily than any other place. This could be because of the difference in foot traffic.

Decals and stickers around the pump tend to get worn out and difficult to read. This could result in a customer pumping the wrong type of gas into their vehicle. This would cause all kinds of problems. An easy way to avoid this is to replace your decals when they start wearing out.


Avoid light outages

I see stores with light outages too often. Make sure you don’t join them.

Check your lights every week or so to make sure everything is top notch. Light outages decrease the value of your company, especially when it’s on your logo sign.

For example: Make sure your sign is completely readable, such as “CITGO,” and not “C  GO.”


Replace fuel filters

Replacing fuel filters are very important if you want to increase sales and satisfied customers. An old fuel filter could slow the speed of pumping, which could irritate customers. Customers usually don’t have the patience and expect their gas to pump quick.

Fuel filters should be replaced every 6 months or 500,000 gallons. This is according to

Pick up some new fuel filters at They have the best priced filters compared to everyone else.


Maintain a clean environment

Accidents tend to happen, it’s nothing you can avoid.

Maintain a clean environment around the store and at the pumps. Spills at the pump are going to happen, so it’s best to have a spill kit on hand. A spill can be very dangerous if not cleaned up immediately! Spill kits will get the area cleaned up quick so you don’t have to stop the flow of customers and sales.

Maintain a clean convenience store

A clean and maintained convenience store is just as important.

Check the aisles and shelves periodically to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. This will increase customer satisfaction and will also make your store look larger.

Make sure the bathrooms are clean as well. Many places don’t maintain a clean and sanitary bathroom. A clean bathroom will increase customer satisfaction by a lot!


Hope these tips help your business increase it’s sales and customer satisfaction. Make sure to sign up below to get more tips on improving your business. It’s free!