5 Ways To Keep Customers In Your Store Longer

By | May 11, 2016


5 Ways To Keep Customers In Your Store Longer

The longer customers are in the store the more potential there is for them to purchase more. These are 5 ways to keep customers in your store longer.

1. Make customers comfortable

Making customers feel comfortable will make them want to stay longer.

Having a warm color scheme is a good start at creating a comfortable environment. Having your store painted in warm colors will make customers relaxed and take their time.

Having a lounge and wifi is also a great way to keep customers longer. Not many convenience stores have a lounge area. Have a place for customers to sit while they enjoy coffee and food. This will increase customer retention and sales.

Read our article on “Top 10 Tips To Keep Convenience Store Customers Happy“. These tips include how to make customers comfortable and more satisfied with your business.


2. Engage the customers senses

Engaging the customers senses will make them want to stay longer. They can be engaged by sight, smell, and sound.

Put up an automatic scent dispenser on the wall to give off a fragrance every half hour or so. This will keep the place smelling nice. In addition to a nice scent, have calming music playing in the background. Relaxing music will make customers take their time. This will increase the amount of time they are in the store, which will increase sales.

Display warm, calming colors to make customers feel at home. Or, you can be more aggressive and get customers attention with bright colors. Bright colors on discounts and coupon signs may get them to purchase more.


3. Change item locations

Frequent customers will get used to item locations, which will make them blind to anything they are not focused on.

Change up item locations every month or so to get customers looking at items they may have missed before. Don’t change the locations too drastically. This may cause customers to get frustrated because they cant find what they came for.


4. Catch customers when they are leaving

Try to catch customers on there way out.

Place discount and coupon signs pointing at the cash register. Customers will see these signs on there way out.

Coupon signs can also be placed at checkout to get the customer to make an impulse purchase.


5. Great customer service

Great customer service should be mandatory in any business.

Great employees should be able to keep customers happy and in the store longer. Employees can assist customers in finding certain items and or suggest items to the customer.

Employees can also upsell to customers when they ask for assistance. Being kind and courteous goes a long way.

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