5 Ways To Increase Sales At The Pump

By | June 1, 2016

5 ways to increase sales at the pump

5 Ways To Increase Sales At The Pump

The gas pump gets a majority of the customer traffic. This can be used to increase sales and not just fuel. These are 5 ways to increase sales at the pump.


1. Keep the pumps maintained

Maintain the pumps and the surrounding area.

The pumps are likely to get dirty, so it’s best to keep them clean. Spills are also bound to happen.

It’s recommended to have a spill kit handy for when spills happen.


Hiring a cleaning crew once a month or so is also an option. This will save you the hassle of cleaning the area yourself and will give you more time to focus on more important things.

The cleaning crew should power wash the pump area, sidewalks, and parking lots. This will keep your business location clean and sanitary. Customers will appreciate the clean environment.


2. Maintain the decals and stickers

Decals and stickers will get worn out due to customers and weather.

If the decals are not readable, there could be problems. A customer could pump the wrong fuel if they can’t read the decals. This could result in a loss of a customer and a bad review. Those are two things you don’t want for your business.

Maintained decals and stickers will result in good customer satisfaction and can also lead to more sales in the future.

Decals can be purchased on AlliedElectronics.com. They are cheap and if it’s your first purchase it’s free shipping.


3. Advertise at the pump

There is usually space at the pump for advertisement. This space can be used to advertise deals in your store or for another company.

There is lots of traffic at the pumps, which can be used to get customers in the store where the real profits are made. Put discounts, specials, and coupons there to entice customers to come in the store.

Advertising space at the pumps can also be rented out by other businesses. You can charge monthly for other businesses to advertise at your business.


4. Distract the customer

I see more and more gas stations putting TV screens at the top of the pump. This is a good way to distract customers while they are fueling.

If a customer is distracted they may pump more fuel than planned. This would mean more sales for your business.

You can also advertise your products on the TV. This could include discounts to get customers in the store. A TV advertisement is more likely to get the customers attention than a standard sign.

Two gas station TV services are:




5. Offer a discount for cash

Offer a discount for customers who pay with cash. This would get more customers in the door.

Offer lots of impulse purchase products near the cash register.  Customers may purchase more when they come in the store to pay cash to fill up.


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