5 Tips To Keep Sales Up During A Slow Season

By | May 25, 2016

5 tips to keep sales up during a slow season

5 Tips To Keep Sales Up During A Slow Season

Keep sales up during a slow season can be tough, but there are a few resources you can focus on. These are 5 tips to keep sales up during a slow season.


Focus on discounts and coupons

Slower season can be rough on sales, because of the lack of customers.

Increasing the discounts and coupons you offer can entice more customers to come to your store.

Offer deals they can’t resist, then you can upsell once you have them in the store.


Increase the advertising budget

You should be advertising your business all year round, but increasing it during a slow season can bring back sales.

Increasing the advertising budget will allow you to get your business in front of more eyes. This means your business will be able to be displayed in front of more people.

This would increase the chances of customers coming to your store.

For some ideas on marketing see our article 30 Marketing Tips To Improve Your Business.


Stand out from the competition

A good way to improve a slow month is to stand out from your competitors.

Customers will be more likely to visit your store because you offer something your competitors don’t. This is sure to keep up sales during a slow month.

How to stand out

Do your research.

Go into surrounding stores/e-stores and do your research. See what they are offering and what customers are saying about them.

Use this research to get the upper hand on the competition.


Use the downtime to plan for the busy season

An upside to a slow season is that you will have more time to prepare for the busy season.

Use this time to plan and get ready for when business is busy. There will be a lack of time when business is busy, so it’s better to get it done while you can.


Team up and network

Team up and network with local businesses and communities.

Getting referrals from local businesses can help keep customers and sales up.

Networking is very important as well. In our 30 marketing ideas article we mentioned networking with schools and sport teams.

Invite schools and sport teams to come and hold events at your business. This will drive customers onto your business location without any effort from you.


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