30 Marketing Tips To Improve Your Business

By | May 9, 2016

30 marketing tips to improve your business

30 Marketing Tips To Improve Your Business

Looking for more ways to increase customers and sales? Marketing and advertising ideas can be hard to come up with, but we make it easy! Try any of these 30 marketing tips and make sure to sign up at the form below to receive the last 5 tips!


Improve The Building

1. Have a lounge area

A lounge area is something you don’t see at many gas stations and convenience stores. This area would give customers a place to relax. This can also get customers to stay in the store longer, which increases the probability of them spending more.

2. Offer free wifi

Free wifi would go great with the lounge area. Make it an area for people to come relax and drink some coffee. The longer customers are in the store the higher chance of more sales.

3. Have air machines

Air machines are a convenience to customers. This can also be another revenue source for your business.

If you choose to offer the machine for free, use tokens.  Offer the tokens inside at the cash register. By offering tokens inside, you are getting more customers in the door.

Read our article on how an air machine can increase your profits.

4. Add an ATM machine

An ATM machine is a great way to generate more revenue. It’s a convenience to the customer. Charging a dollar or two can add up each month.

5. Add an auto body shop

An auto body shop can be added along side a gas station and or convenience store. This would be a convenience to the customer since they are already at your business for gas. Offer oil changes, quick fixes, and repairs to customers.

6. Add a fresh deli

Build a deli into your convenience store. An example of this would be Wawa. They have a section of the store to order fresh foods such as sandwiches, snacks, and drinks.

People are looking to eat healthier. A fresh deli, lounge area, and Wifi would be a great combination.




7. List On GasBuddy

Millions of people are looking on GasBuddy for stores like yours! Get your business listed on their website/app.

Having your business listed on an app can help people find your business more easily.

8. Advertise On GooglePlus

GooglePlus is a very important platform for businesses. If you don’t have a google business page, than make one!

9. Have a website

A business needs a website. A website shows customers what your business is about and what it looks like. If your business doesn’t have a website, make one.

10. Use social media

Everyone is on social media now, and that means you should be too! Social media is a great place to get your business in front of potential customers.

Make a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account for your business.

11. Host online contests

Online contests can be held on social media’s or a website. Contests will get customers involved.

For a customer to be eligible for the contest, you can add requirements. Requirements such as an email, share this contest, and like on social media accounts. This enables you to get the customers email and it shares the contest around to others.


12. Billboard Advertising

A billboard can help customers find your business more easily. A busy street near your establishment would be a great place for a billboard.

13. Curb signs

Curb signs can display prices, discounts, and sales going on at your business. A curb sign is eye level to customers driving by.

This will attract more customers and increase sales.

bonus: Display a curb sign with a goofy saying to get more buzz and word of mouth advertising. People will take pictures of your sign and share with others online. This will create free advertising 24/7 for your business. Our article “How To Use Signs To Increase Revenue” describes a gas station in Seattle that used this tactic.

14. Network with local businesses

Networking is important in order to grow in the community.

Contact local business owners and discuss cross promotion. Cross promote with businesses like yours. Display a flyer or business card in the local businesses. You can also get referrals from others as well.

15. Buy a section in the newspaper

An ad in the newspaper is still an option of advertisement. This can be a great supplement to your ad campaign. An ad in the newspaper gives your company a more professional look.

16. Local bulletin boards

This is a great way of free advertising.

Local bulletin boards can be found at libraries, laundromats, grocery stores, and coffee shops. Putting up a business card or flyer can get your business in front of customers without any effort.


Host Events

17. Host car washes

Car washes are a popular way for schools and sport teams to raise money. Hosting these events at your business will attract more customers.

Customers are likely to purchase gas or products from the convenience store after they get their car washed.

18. Host a car show

A car show would be a great event for a gas station or a similar business.

An available parking lot away from the gas pumps would be ideal. This is so the flow of customers won’t be blocked.

19. Invite a food truck

Everyone loves food. This is a great way to attract customers to your business.

You can charge the food truck for the day to sell on your property or you can take a portion of the sales.

20. Have a flower sale on the corner

Flower sales are more common towards spring time, and more specifically Easter day.

A flower sale can still be as effective as a car wash, car show, and food truck.


Have Special Offers

21. Implement a loyalty program

A loyalty program is great for creating recurring customers. This is great for getting customers back in the store. Discounts can be exclusive to loyalty program customers only, this will encourage them to sign up.

Read our article on “how to improve customer satisfaction“.

22. Coupons

Coupons can be offered online or in the store. A “two for the price of one” coupon can be displayed at the gas pumps to get customers inside the store.

23. Contest for free gas

When someone gets gas at your business, have a receipt print out with a number on it. Have a draw once a month and the winner gets a free tank of gas.


What To Offer In The Store

CSPDailyNews made a “hot 100“, which has the top retailer-requested products of the year. Use this information when deciding on what to sell at your store.

24. Wide selection of coffee

Not everyone likes the same coffee. Offer a wide selection of coffee to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

25. Breakfast sandwiches

Breakfast is a big selling time for convenience stores. Don’t miss out on sales.

Increase your sales by adding more options for breakfast.

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